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Originally Posted by Boaterchick911 View Post
My family came across a CCR Greatest Hits 2-disc set, and on the surface everything looks normal. However, when you listen to the 2nd disc it is not CCR music - but a narration of the story "The Jungle Book." The disc is stamped as if it has music on it, but it has the story instead.

Have any of you #1 fans ever heard of this before?

Thank you!

Goofups happen, But a goofup CD isnt anything overly surprising, it happens, now maybe a 1967 copy of the original "CCR" album that has the greatful dead instead would be worth a few buckaroonies .

Thats just like CCR's "The Concert", in 1980 it was release as "The Royal Albert hall Concert" but the problem was it was recorded at Oakland Arena in California, you wouldnt believe how many people on ebay try to sell this as a valuble goof, and even more people on ebay thinks it IS the albert hall when it isnt. Fantasy of course reissued the album 1 year later as The Concert, and sold the remaining goofs with a "We Goofed" sticker on the plastic wrap.

I cant recall but Fantasy never made a 2 disc greatest hits album, so that means it was made by a third party

Anyways enjoy some fogerty with a side of Jungle Book
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