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Originally Posted by becca_d View Post
Well, this song has certainly not been overlooked by me! I agree with you, this is a great song. I believe it is a quite political song. I think it saying that hatred and anger will not solve anything, neither for Richard Nixon who was sending soldiers to Vietnam to "kill the commies", nor for the people who were against him (the silent majority who weren't keeping quiet anymore). "In the morning, few were left to watch the ashes die". I don't know American history to well because I'm Norwegian, so exscuse me if I'm wrong, but I think that is what John Fogerty is trying to say. The palace door is maybe referring to the door of the White House? I don't know. "Who is burning Effigy?" That is a line in the song, it is a question that is left unanswered. I hope this made things a bit clearer! Does anyone else have more extencive info on what this song could be about?
this user got the truth..
something to remember is that john fogerty wrote too much songs talking about social themes, about wars, the politicians, etc. everything happened and related about EEUU is the inspiration to him.
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