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Default Driving me nuts!

There was an instrumental song on a CCR album which was slowish and melodic with a beautiful mellow lead solo.

Like others I have had no luck finding it online. I listened to every cut Creedence has on itunes. This guy described it perfectly on another thread:
Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
Hello, sorry to bother you.

I cannot find this song, but I swear there was an all-instrumental song by CCR that came out before 1975 or so. Not a fast song, it had a kinda repetitive riff, but I thought it was great ... yet never got the name (a friend played the album at his house). Heard it on the radio once or twice since then, but never back announced.

It might have been an intro track to some other song, but it was about 2 or 3 minutes long. It was not a 16 bar blues, it had a more emotive sound.

Any thoughts? I'm hoping a real CCR guru will know what I mean. Thanks!

T S in Phoenix
I really would love to hear that song again.

I'm wondering now if it is tacked on to the end of a song which has lyrics and only seemed like a separate song? If so it does not resemble the song it was attached to. Also - I think it was the last song on the record.

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