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"A sad, sad song about a bad, bad photographer" could be about being busted in the town of Lodi, CA and therefore losing what is left of his money while he is being photographed for police records. Only he doesn't mention in the song about being jailed - wait let me listen again before I say for sure --- Well he does mention " I came into town a one night stand" and "I was just passing thru, must be 7 months or more - ran out of time and money, looks like they took my friend". That could be a lot of things. What was his friend (guitar?) and who were they who took it (cops?) and why did one night turn into 7 months + (a woman, a bust? - I don't buy the I-went-broke-in-one-day story unless other things happened). The radical conservatism of the 60's and the fact that people like John Fogerty were HATED by the small-brainers of the time plus the weirdness of small western towns in that era, all makes me wonder The mystery of this song is why John Fogerty is a one-man-hit-writing-legend. I've wondered since 1970 what this song means. This is my latest stab at trying to figure. Every time I rethink this song I like it better - and the mystery draws me in further. What a genius!!
He does say "stuck in a Lodi again".I suppose "a Lodi" means every little sh-t sucking small brainer town in the world - I should be able to figure that one out - I live in "a Lodi".
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