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Conversation Between jovnif and Mary Lou
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  1. Mary Lou
    06.01.2009 23:03
    Mary Lou
    Hello Miguel!
    Sorry for my late response - though I've been hanging around occasionally on this forum, I've spotted you message only now... :)

    I use icq for chatting... Have a vague idea what msn is...
    Just in case, my ICQ number is 495167522.
    An you can easily e-mail me -! I check my mail box every day.

    Happy New Year, Miguel! :)
  2. jovnif
    25.09.2008 22:32
    wow, thanks for post me..

    i would like to talk with you on msn... :-)
    send me your e mail to add you ok??

    bless you

  3. Mary Lou
    03.09.2008 11:18
    Mary Lou
    I'm also 20! Here in Ukraine there aren't many Creedence fans...
    So I'm very glad to meet you! :)
  4. jovnif
    02.09.2008 23:26
    hello marie lou

    ium from chile

    im 20, my name is miguel

    thanks for the covers :-)

    add meto friends


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