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Old 03.02.2006, 19:11
Mary Lou
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CCR & Fogerty music and lyrics are very imaginative, so these songs awake your own imagination. All the people I know consider "Up Around the Bend" to be a great song for driving a car - endless highway... the wind blowin' straight in your face... the sun shinin' bright... the best friends next to you in the car (it might be Red Mustang... all overjoyed.......
When I hear "Who'll Stop the Rain", I've got a strong feeling that I'm sittin' near the fire with other people... something happened... flood... we're cold... got nothing to eat... no warm clothes... waiting for rescue... team spirit of the survivors...
"Lodi" makes me imagine myself in a small bar room filled with smoke... sittin' near the wall... alone... sad & tyred... no place to go......
"Nobody's Here Anymore" grags me back to the school history classroom...

Maybe some of you can give other examples
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Old 04.02.2006, 04:48
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Well well, Hello, Mary Lou... I too think "Up around the bend" must be a great song listening to while driving! Well, I have never actually tried, but I get a real kick out of listening to it at home, and I can only imagine how great it must be to listen to it while driving in a car! John Fogerty is a unique songwriter, that really knows how to awake your imagination, you're completely right about that. Here's my example: Graveyard train. This was the first song that really made me aware of John Fogerty's talent as a songwriter. I can see it all so clear, this man so desperate in his grief, crying for Rosy under the midnight moon, stumbling over the railroad, waiting for the train to come and end it all. It's not a nice story, but a darn good one!
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Old 06.02.2006, 23:06
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Bootleg-this song gives ya that Creepy, Cold feeling of paranoia, like as if someone is watching you.....
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Old 07.02.2006, 06:50
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Proud Mary - A grand, old fashioned Riverboat coming up some river somewhere, its great, big paddle wheels
turning the water to a foam, Passangers strolling merrily up and down its sun-splashed decks, the sound
of steam whistles and laughter,brings me back to a wonderful riverbot ride i took quite some time ago in upstate New York......
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Old 08.02.2006, 18:26
Mary Lou
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Thanks, folks!
It was a great fun to read your replys!
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associations, free

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