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Old 23.03.2005, 02:35
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Hi, okay, I'm 15 years old, and my dad first introduced me to Creedence when I was 10, and I love their music. Right now, I'm in the process of letting my hair grow out, and I LOVE John's hair, and I would love mine to come out just like his. (The 1960 and '70's hair, not the kind he has now lol...) So, would anyone know how John got his hair to flip out or whatever it did on the sides and back of his hair? Because mine is only going straight down, and not curving out. I'm practically the only one at my High school who walks around in flannel shirts with a guitar around my shoulders, playing a few CCR tunes while I walk to class, and people love it and wonder what band it is I'm playing. CCR is awesome...
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Old 02.04.2005, 08:09
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Wish I could play the guitar... unfortionately I can't but if I could I would be playing along whenever I play CCR which is 24/7...
I rather like the hairstyle of Doug?Guy in the middle on the back of the Mardi Grass LP. I'm growing my hair long and it tends to flip out to the sides instead of the more regular straight style. Unfortionately I'm no branded a geek because of my involvement with PC's instead of an artist
So maybe you might be unlucky that it just comes natural, just like musical abilities. Fortionately for you, a hair dresser might be able to solve your problem.
CCR all the way....
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Old 08.04.2005, 10:01
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I thought John looked cute with the mop top but after he changed his hair style in 1972 boy let me tell you he was a real good lookin man! To me after he cut his hair it really brought out his handsome face! Dont let me get started on his beautiful brown eyes now! He is just a real good lookin man! I know alot of ladies out there agree with me on this one!
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fogerty's, hair, john, style

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