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Old 28.09.2004, 08:06
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Man, I don't feel quite qualified to dispute the bonding of CCR, forever being, a fan of the band myself.
However, I always got the impression John always seemed to be the lead spokesman in the band through the good times and bad, always the great front man. As the lead singer and writer of the group, John always seemed to dictate the song's that were played and the style they were played in. Happy with the rest of the band, supporting his act, with Doug's Ringo style pounding and Stu's concise but effective 12 bar base rhythum's. I kinda got the impression that this was more 'John Doggerty and the Creedence' rather than all the fella's combined. Sadly, this also left Tom, although older than John, pushed to the back of the wall of sound, hanging on a few notes as a rhythum guitarist who's rarely ever heard throughout. No wonder he wanted to split and go solo! I think Stu and Doug were devout supporters of the the furthering of CCR, but like Tom, they new the game was up with Mardi Gras. I've alway's wandered what the band could have been and how long they may have last if John had allowed creative imput from the other members.
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Old 22.12.2004, 12:15
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I often wonder that myself, e.g., had John kept his brother a little more involved (creatively) as opposed to taking over the band entirely and pushing him (Tom) to the back. But hey, we must acknowledge that Creedence IS John Fogerty and that there is no band (or success) without him. John wrote, sang, produced...all of it. Had Stu, Doug, and Tom suddenly left the band (for whatever reason) John need only hire three more competent instrument players and the band would go on. But if John were suddenly gone there would be no CCR. Could you imagine the members of the Elvis band trying to tour and continue following the loss of the King? Same for the Doors, Marvin Gay, Joplin, and others that were the sole reason their bands existed. CCRRV is making such an attempt. I wish them luck (everyone's gotta put bread on the table) but I wouldn't walk across the street for a free front row seat. Same for the never ending parade of Elvis impersonators out best a cerious curious distraction.
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