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New on forum Introduction of our new members

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Old 04.12.2011, 10:20
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Default Hey Everyone!

I can't remember exactly how I found this place. I came across it on accident while searching something about CCR, but kinda glad I did find it.
Anyways, my name is Ryan. I'm 21 years old and live in Los Angeles, California. I'm studying to be a sound engineer and play guitar. I grew up listening to heavy metal but acquired a taste for classic rock when I was in high school. Eventually after playing guitar seriously for a couple of years I learned to appreciate all types of music. From classical, to death metal, and from pop, to swing.
But Creedence has always been one of my all time favorite bands. They're timeless and I can honestly never get bored of them!

Have any questions, go ahead and ask! I'm a nice guy and will answer anything really.
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Old 05.12.2011, 09:48
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Welcome to the forums.
Houston, This is Aquarius signing off.
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Old 08.12.2011, 05:21
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Default D.C. On Drums---Right Player/Right Place!

Hello Psycho/Ryan!

I'm rather new to this site myself, but Nerdistmonk has already helped me find the answer to a long-standing question.

Another point that I'm not sure has ever been raised in the Forum before: I think one of the elements that has kept CCR popular over time is the rock-steady drumming of Doug Clifford. He was never a "technical wizard"---he could not have functioned in the Jazz world---I'm not even sure he could read charts---but as an amateur skin-beater myself, I know that his licks were absolutely PERFECT for Fogerty's music. A beat so solid, you could WALK on it!

Lack of reading ability would have kept Clifford from even working in "Rock" on the level of a Frank Zappa. FZ had the FINEST drummers in rock---guys who COULD have moved into jazz without missing a . . . BEAT!

Gary in Arizona
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