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New on forum Introduction of our new members

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Old 05.08.2009, 23:12
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Red face Several forms of Hello

It looks as if the music and life of the 1960s and 1970s is having to take over during the failures of so many advocated themes for instant Techno success...
who can play a guitar without electric ? even Bob Dylan ! but as this is where this began and the need for hydrology Appalachia TVA and California Dreaming Landslides in damaged soil forests of recent years and several of my colleagues working hard against the ravages induced by Quota and the loss of lands and farming peoples (Belgium beet) ... Willie Nelson to Dolly and back to Nickelback, that we were taught in theory about land clearance and saw through the Ireland years, we now observe in stark reality, or Realty gone awry as a lady from Virginia warned us at Laggan Scotland on debt and plastic ... so from Aberfan to Thank God the music is still there and we had the best of all the years from Band Rock and Elvis God gave me a Mountain (Plynlimon) to the Deep Blue Sea of Kidson hydraulics (Muppet Take Over as the 'Deep Blue Wet Thing' a corporate renaming ploy ? by Kermit, or even Miss Piggy the Island Queen) I nearly wrote Depp therein ... that may have been more appropriate as we find ourselves surrounded by so many British Pirates of the Caribbean, Drake and raised old adage. Seaweed to the lot of them .... keep on rolling Tina Turner Ike and Cher. I cannot do Mid Atlantic time, I have trouble keeping up with Aussie relatives and NZ, ringing them at 5 am as I cannot get the 12 hour part right for Perth and I took Navigation and Oceanography and still the tides do not suit BBC weather News. Mike ... Earthquakes !! gets them every time
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Old 07.08.2009, 00:38
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I'm sorry, but what are you talking about?
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Old 07.08.2009, 02:13
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Perhaps a little brain failure due to the hotness of the summer!
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