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Smile How I Met John Fogerty

Hello, everyone! I'd like to tell a really cool story here- how I very accidentally met one of my heroes- John Fogerty.

In the summer of 1996, I was working at a local tourist attraction near Yosemite National Park, the Yosemite-Sugar Pine Railroad. It's a real vintage steam train that anyone can pay to ride on, and there are also "Jenny" cars (modified Model A Fords) that anyone can ride down the tracks. I drove the Jenny cars while giving the tour speech to the riders.

I was feeling very down- it was May and my birthday approached, but things weren't going well- long story. We got some Jenny car customers, and I was told to get the car ready, take their tickets, etc. I saw that they were a party of 4 adults (2 m-f couples) and 2 teenage kids. They looked like "city-suburb" folks, I thought. "L.A." people?

While looking over my shoulder driving the car backwards, I began staring at the younger adult male seated about 3 feet away from me. He looks like an actor or movie star, I thought. His tan, his features, his hair, etc. almost didn't look "real"! Is this Kurt Russell, I thought? Where do I know that face?

As I bashed myself for not being able to figure out who he was, I gave the tour and stopped at the halfway point to let them out and roam a bit. He started a conversation with me about some mundane stuff -"What kind of tree is this?" and he talked very softly... and I noticed he was really a short statured guy (I'm 6 ft.) Very nice and down-to-earth guy, I thought. Who was he?????

While driving back to the station, I decided to stop trying to think of who he was. Then, I head his voice, louder this time. Holy HECK! I KNOW THAT VOICE! More minutes go by, and we are almost to the end of the ride. THEN I hits me.

They all get off, and I thank them for riding over the loadspeaker, but conclude by asking the last gentleman if he could stay for a moment- I have something to ask him...he did! I said- "Has anyone ever told you you look EXACTLY like someone in show business?" He shrugged and kind of nodded "Well, maybe...depends..."

I said, "Has anyone ever told you you look JUST like John Fogerty, the lead singer for Creedence Clearwater Revival?" He shrugged again and said, "Uh, yeah, I've gotten that before..." I thought, "Oh, crap- it's not him!" "I started to apologize. He looked down and said, "Well, no, actually, I am that person you're referring to..."

I fell to my knees! "I started blurting out "fan" stuff- I told him I am a guitar player, singer, etc. and play ALL of his songs, etc."

"I can see you have that kind of malarkey going on...yep" he responded.

I told him I considered him "second only to God and John Lennon when it came to songwriting!" He said, "Thank you, that's very nice of you to say that."

I immediately told myself to STOP the fan worship and I did. I asked him about his wife, kids, if they were going to the Park, and told him he was now the guest of honor and had the run of the place. He thanked me again.

He started running around the place like a little kid, taking pictures with a camera and chasing his teenage boys around. He ambushed me around a corner and took my picture. I told the owner and other workers who he was- and I was told, "Go get his autograph!" I declined. That's annoying, I thought. Besides, talking to the guy BEFORE I knew who he was PRICELESS.

That accidental meeting gave me renewed hope for the future and brighten my whole year up! I still tell the story and smile. John could have been a jerk to me, and he chose to not be- and he made day, week, month & year! He really is an unpretentious, down to earth dude!
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