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Old 18.12.2005, 02:08
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Whoever wrote that can Go Fu** themselves. It's not that john fogerty has become a jerk, YOU have become
a jerk. George Bush is trying to destroy the happy, Peaceful world that Creedence, as well as all of there fans hoped to live in somday. Bush is just another fourtunate son, just like the jerk in the song. he lives of of his
daddy's money and dosent care about anything but Money and Oil. You should have voted for Nader. if everyone did that we would have a good, clean Goverment. to the Jerks that have posted the last two comments I say this on the behalf of every peace loving CCR fan:I AINT NO FOURTUNATE SON, I AINT NO FOURTUNATE SON, I AINT NO FOUTUNATE SON, I AINT NO FOURTUNATE SON,I AINT NO FOURTUNATE SON...
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Old 21.12.2005, 13:39
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joel is infamous around these parts

what's with all the capital letters? does it make you feel important? well I've got news for you: Your are NOT!!
and what has john's political opinion to do with his music?! And who's being a jerk, visiting a creedence fan page and write crap about john!? If people still after more than 30 years still get happy by his music, doesn't that say that creedence is something special?

your choice, your loss.
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Old 22.12.2005, 00:38
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Hi, I wonder if some opinions cross the line of choice. In a free country we have a choice, and that
is what freedom is. So let us practice the right. BUT, an opinion is only as good as the amount of
info backing it up. If everone did their homework their opinions would have more credibility.
My opinion is music is a powerfull media of expresion or opinion. Take it or leave it, you have a choice.
Bush does what he's his advisors (like dangerous Dick Cheney)
(on line, "Cheney's War") criminal... An outsiders point of view, BT (from Canada)
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Old 12.01.2006, 12:46
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I love CCR music, and Johns 1st two solo albums Centerfield and Eye of the zombie, but dunno about the rest of you, I think thats where his good music stopped. I was very disapointed in blue moon swamp
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Old 08.02.2006, 18:33
Mary Lou
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George Bush junior likes Creedence. It's his very favourite band. I know it's true - I SAW IT ON TV!!
I understand music can't be apart from politics. But beg from you - DIVIDE them! Let your mind think about politics & your heart should be dealing with music!..
To boycott a good man/woman for his/her convictions... You know it isn't even funny. It's just silly and absurd.
The elections in my country brought only blood, sweat & tears. Fights, injuries, law proceedings, political pressure, family envity, even divorces.... It's sad that some people act like political maniacs, and can abandon everything they previously loved.
Hope smb will understand what I was tryin' to say....
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Old 12.02.2006, 19:45
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I recently went to see John Fogarty live in Australia(Nov 2005) and was apprehensive as to whether this now 60 year old might measure up to my memory of those halcyon days when he led CCR in a blaze of glory. They were "the" band and their original songs have stood the test of time. Back then my father had just died of cancer and we had compulsory conscription to serve in Vietnam, based on a lottery of birthdates for 19 year olds. If your marble was drawn you had to go, otherwise be thrown in jail. Thank God I missed out and was able to stay and support my mother and 4 sisters. Many of my mates went, some never came back and others returned as broken men. There were no winners and sadly no heroes from what ended up as a "dirty" war. They were the unfortunate realities of Vietnam.

It saddened me greatly when CCR broke up. Several years on I was thrilled when John brought out "The Old Man is down the road" and later "Centerfield" and "Deja Vu". It was vintage Fogarty so I remained optimistic he could still put on a top show in 2005. Was I disappointed........ HELL NO. It was the best concert I've seen, even better than Joe Cocker or AC~DC who were the best shows I've ever been to previously. John went non-stop for over 2 hours, played all the hits, his voice was as powerful as ever and his energy output and enthusiam were incredible.

And what were his best songs........ clearly for mine they were Fortunate Son and Deja Vu(All Over Again). Forget the bloody politics and listen to the lyrics. Just like the USA we are also heavily committed in Iraq with no end in sight. There is no such thing as a good war and for 19 year olds to lose their lives(regardless of which country or side they belong) is an absolute tragedy.

One by one I see the old ghosts rising
Stumblin' 'cross Big Muddy
Where the light gets dim
Day after day another Momma's crying
She's lost her precious child
To a war that has no end

And you know what really made the Fogarty concert for me? Well, I have 6 kids aged from 27 down to 6 years old. We took the youngest and she danced and rocked the whole show long........ it was unbelievable. Adults were coming up to take turns of dancing with her. Obviously she had inherited my rock genes!

Than you John Fogarty........ you are every bit the legend I first heard some 39 years ago!!!
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fogerty, john

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