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Albums, Songs and Concerts Here we discuss our impression of CCR albums, songs and concerts, as well as the songs meaning

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Old 15.01.2008, 04:18
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Thumbs up Rank the Albums

Put the albums in order from most favored to least favored.

1. Cosmo's Factory
2. Willy and the Poorboys
3. Green River
4. Creedence Clearwater Revival
5. Pendulum
6. Bayou Country
7. Mardi Gras
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Old 20.02.2008, 00:07
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1.Cosmos Factory
1.Willy and the Poor Boys

Cant choose between the two

3. Pendulum
4. Green River
5. Bayou Country
6.Creedence Clearwater Revival
7. Mardi Gras
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Old 20.02.2008, 16:07
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Thumbs up Favorite album

Now this is gonna be tough, but I'll give it a shot:

1. Cosmo's Factory
2. CCR
3. Bayou Country
4. Green River
5. Willy & the Poorboys
6. Pendulum
7. Mardi Gras

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Old 07.05.2009, 05:16
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1. Cosmos Factory
2. Willy and the Poorboys
3. Green River
4. Bayou Country
5. Pendulum
6. CCR
7.Mardi Gras
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Old 11.12.2009, 18:22
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1. Bayou Country
2. Cosmos Factory
3. Willy and the Poor Boys
4. CCR
5. Green River
6. Pendulum
7.Mardi Gras
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Old 09.01.2010, 00:40
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So I finally decided to get all 6 albums of Creedence. That is to say all the albums which featured all 4 members. I did not buy Mardi Gras. I have heard the songs from that album however.

So after a couple of days enjoying the albums, here's my ranking:

1. Bayou Country - Man, this is my kind of album! Born on the Bayou and Proud Mary would be good enough for any album, but Bootleg and Keep On Chooglin' are a couple of my favorites as well. I even like Graveyard Train (which I know of few of us on this site do not). To me Good Golly Miss Molly is the weakest song on the album...and when a Little Richard classic is your weakest song, THAT'S one heck of an album!

2. Cosmo's Factory - Factory is right! This album cranked out so many hits it's almost ridiculous. A thoroughly enjoyable experience. How can you deny an album that opens with Ramble Tamble?

3. Green River - The title track, Commotion, Cross Tie Walker, Tombstone Shadow and (of course) Bad Moon Rising are too darn good!

4. Willy and the Poor Boys - Frankly, this could have been a tie with Green River in my book, so many great songs again. On another day, this album might be my number 3!

5 & 6! Jeez, this is more difficult than I thought it would be. I kinda figured the first album, Creedence Clearwater Revival, would be weak because they were just starting out with their new sound. I was pleasantly surprised, however. It's better than I thought. Definitely a good start. And I can't say there's a song on it I wouldn't listen to again. Pendulum, on the other hand, has 2 songs I can survive without hearing again.

This is tough, but:

5. Pendulum - The only reason I've ranked is ever-so-slightly ahead is because the songs that do work for me on the album REALLY work! Have You Ever Seen the Rain, Pagan Baby and Hey Tonight are classics and Born to Move is fun. (Wish I Could) Hideaway is oddly poignant. And while Sailor's Lament is a decidedly different sound from Creedence, it sure is pleasant to my ears. Only the blah Chameleon and the peculiar Rude Awakening #2 pull the album back down to ground level.

6. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Not really a bad song on this album. Yet not as many classics as on their other albums. The songs that can be considered classics are their covers of I Put a Spell On You and Suzie Q. Though I do like Porterville a lot, and the rest of the songs are highly enjoyable. This is the album of a band finding it's identity.

7. Mardi Gras - For obvious reasons. But I sure do love that Sweet Hitch Hiker!

Truthfully, I'd have to say the top four are ranked by the slimmest of margins. They certainly get 5-stars from me!
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