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Albums, Songs and Concerts Here we discuss our impression of CCR albums, songs and concerts, as well as the songs meaning

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Old 11.12.2005, 05:53
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To me, "wrote a Song For everyone" Seems to be a Civil war ballad. "Got myself arested, wound me up in Jail,
richmond 'bout to blow up,communication failed" In 1863, Union troops destroyed the city of Richmond,Virgina.
The reason for this is that Richmond, VA was the capitol of the confederacy. By Knockin out the confederate capitol, they weakend the confederate Goverment. The man in the story was probably a southerner during the civil war. He did somthig bad and got jailed just before the Union blew up Richmond."Saw the pepole standin' thousand years in chain, Sombody said its different now, Look it's Just the same" Was most probably a refrence to slavery. In 1865, President Abraham Licolon signed the Emancipation Proclimation. the emancipation proclimation changed the meaning of the war. Not only were we fighting a war to save the union, we were now fighting a war to end slavery. The emancipation proclimation stated that if the Union
won the war, witch it did, Slavery would be outlawed in the US. "Met myself A'comin, County welfare line, I was feelin' strung out, hung out on the line" This refers to the Reconstruction period, After the civil war. The
Union healped the south to get back on its feet after its Defeat. Day after day, Hundreds of pepole would line
up outside county welfare office to recive food, drink and medical attention. Its a pretty deep song.
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