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Default Send us "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" Stories

Dear CCR fans,

Hello, my name is Masako, I work for Japanese Public Broadcasting Station NHK. We are currently preparing for a documentary about the song "Have You Ever Seen The Rain" by CCR. I am researching how the song has been received by the time of wars in this country.

Primarily, I am looking for SOLDIERS/VETERANS who has heard "Have you ever seen the rain" while they were in mission in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia or Somalia.
If you are soldiers or veterans, who have memories of hearing this song during the missions, please please contact me, and tell me the story.

Please email me to
with you contact information.

I would like to hear:

When you heard this song,

1. WHEN and WHERE was it? (please give details as much as you could..time and situation)

2. From what MEDIUM?(radio, ipod, or CD player? If it is a radio station, please let me know the NAME OF THE RADIO STATION and PROGRAM, and possibly the NAME OF THE DJ )

3. What were you doing? What kind of mission were you in?

4. Which unit were you in?

5. HOW DID YOU FEEL when you heard this song? What were your thoughts? What kind of emotion does it evoke you?

6. Were you with someone else? If so, did you talk about this song?

7. In your opinion, what do soldiers think about this song generally? Is it a popular song? Nostalgic song?


Tell me your episode of "Have you ever seen the rain". If you hear this from the radio station here, was there any comments from DJ? Was anybody calling to the radio station sharing their stories? What radio station and what program was it?

Please email me to

Thank you!!
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