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Default Bass on Have you ever seen the rain?

I just finished reading John Fogerty's autobiography, which is a good, easy read, if you're interested. One of the things that John alleges in the book is that he often had to show Stu and Doug how to play their parts, as they couldn't come up with them on their own. This makes me wonder...."Have you ever seen the rain?" features what I think is one of the great bass lines in rock history. Do you think it's possible that John came up with that bass line, or can we credit it fully to Stu? One qualifier, John also described the Pendulum period as a time of rebellion by the other band members, where they all stepped up and demanded to have more input into the music. So maybe that answers the question: Stu may not have been accepting John's input by that point.

Please let me know if you have any insights into this. Thanks!
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