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Originally Posted by Seagull View Post
Having a Credance Revival with friends after a drink or two I mentioned a track I loved on a long lost tape cassette. CCR cover of Elenor Rigby. Can't find the track or any reference to it on line. Does it exist or did I imagine it? Help appreciated .
That song was by the beatles

If you can't find a reference on the internet then that's because it likely never existed, even the most obscure music that didn't get mainstream production will have some sort of reference online, the only time a song can truly vanish is if it was not produced in a recording studio (even then CCR bootleg tapes exist on the internet, like their jam with booker T at their warehouse in Oakland, or the KSAN recordings at Fillmore), even stuff that was vinyl only (because the rights were lost long ago and no one never bothered with it) can be located easily enough.

So i'd say you've imagined it or your looking for the beatles version?
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