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If you think this signing with Fantasy is going to open the doors for a CCR renion I would say dont count on it any time soon. I found something on line last night that I thought was interesting and I know that it was conducted in last September of 04' but still, I think it clears up any chance of a reunion.

JF"The word isn't forgive, that isn't working for me. You have to forget. After I stopped harboring all that bitterness, the good stuff came in. I'm very proud of the music I made in the early days. And I'm the guy that refused to sing those songs because of how I felt. It alsomst ruined my career, but there was no other way. Some people with ruinous partnerships or bitter split - ups, they'd go out and sing together anyway. I'm not that good an actor, I'd go crazy." I hope you liked it and I hope you have a nice day and ROCK ON!!!
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