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Originally Posted by robbinstephenson View Post
I have an amplifier (Kustom 200B-4), marked inside by these markings :

"CCR MD" written on the inside of the chassis, and has a John Fogerty signature on the top frame of the amp.
Is there a place where this might be addressed, to see if it is indeed real?

I do not think it is real, as I bought it on ebay. However, the signature is a very good likeness of John's.

Thanks for your time,
Well, I know that CCR performed with Kustom Amps while on tour, the only tuck n roll kustom I remember is fogerty's main drive, and he kept it, infact still uses it on occasion.

Most of CCR's amplifiers were marked "CREEDENCE",

If you think its real, then have it inspected/appraised.

--the monk

(Video of Susie Q from 1997, shows JCF's actual kustom amp)
also, Here is an old forum posting about a previous sale of JCF's amps and such
this was supposedly a real ccr amp being sold, shows the markings I expect to see on a real one, yours should be like this.
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