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Hey guys! What do you guys think of Mardi Gras? I think its ok. However I dont think it is the worst album ever made by a major band. I just think Stu and Cosmo messed it up! I absolutely love Johns songs on the album. Cosmos songs are ok but I just cant stands Stus vioce on this album!!! The first time I heard 'Take it like a friend' I what is this!!? I almost had to cover my ears! Dont get me wrong, he is a VERY good bassist but he cannot sing!! My favorite songs on this album is 'Mary Lou' 'Sweet hitch-hicker' and 'Someday never comes' I read some theads on here that it is about a loved one leaving for war which is not true! You can believe it if you want but is not the truth. There is an interview that explains this song and alot of other creedence hits. This is the web site Just look around you will not be dissapionted! Hve a great day and ROCK ON!! ps what is you favorite song on the Mardi Gras album?
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