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-FRANCE ;Fifthteen April Seventy-Two. This is the day I have bought my copy of MARDI-GRAS. I was waiting for this LP since PENDULUM. That was a terrible day for me. An earthquake happened and I will always remember my deception after a first listening of MARDI-GRAS. Of course 'Sweet Hitch Hiker ' and 'Door To Door' are not really from the Mardi-Gras Sessions .The single was released several months before and was still in the CCR spirit . Hello Mary Lou' 'Someday Never Comes' cannot save this LP from mediocrity. 'Lookin For A Reason ' could have been included in the Blue Ridge Rangers LP. 'Need Someone To Hold ' is a good Doug Clifford tune but there"s no place for these track and the others in a CCR album. The other tracks ,I mean of course the tracks sang by Doug & Stu. The fight between JOHN FOGERTY & FANTASY was started before Mardi-Gras. I'm OK for this appreciation :Mardi-Gras is certainly the worst album ever made by a major band,the World Major Band in Seventy ,Seventy-One. Let's go back to 'Green River ' or Cosmos Factory'. OA
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