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"Fortunate Son" Not About George Bush
April 12, 2005


RUSH: Did you see the story in the New York Times yesterday about Bush's iPod? Bush has an iPod. Did you see the story? (asking Mr. Snerdley) Yeah, one of his daughters gave it to him and Mark McKinnon, who is a good friend of his and runs his media, McKinnon has something to do with the songs that are on the iPod. The iPod, depending on which kind you get, will hold 10,000 songs. McKinnon downloads the songs for Bush. It's a lot of country stuff on there because Bush is in Texas and loves country music, and so the New York Times is reporting on this and there's this little paragraph here. "Nonetheless," it begins, "McKinnon said that Bush had not gone so far as to include on his playlist 'Fortunate Son,' the angry anti-Vietnam war song about privileged draft dodgers that John Fogerty sang when he was with Creedence Clearwater Revival. The lyrics say, 'Some folks are born silver spoon in hand, I ain't no senator's son.' The song seems to be about the president in all but name."

Hey, New York Times, the song is from 1968 when John Fogerty was so high on grass out in California he didn't know what he was singing or writing. "As the son of a two-term congressman and a US Senate candidate Bush won a coveted spot with the Texas Air National Guard to avoid combat in Vietnam." Now, why put this paragraph in there? Do you think that McKinnon said to the New York Times reporter, "And, by the way, you know Bush doesn't have that song 'Fortunate Son' in there." Do you think the New York Times asked Mr. McKinnon, "Does the president like Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival?" "McKinnon said Bush had not gone so far as to include--" McKinnon didn't say anything. McKinnon answered a question. The whole premise was advanced by the reporter at the New York Times. The whole reason for doing a story on the fact the president has an iPod was to mention he doesn't have the Creedence song Fortunate Son on his iPod because it might hit too close to home. Typical from the New York Times.


RUSH: I'm getting lots of e-mails from people who say that the Creedence song, Fortunate Son, 1968, was actually a slam on Al Gore who was a senator's son in '68. Even a couple are saying it's a slam at the Kennedy family, but regardless what it is, rest assured, it is not, as the New York Times wants its dumb cuff mind-numbed robot readers to think, about George W. Bush.

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(NY Times: President Bush's iPod) &ex=1113278400&en=5b704b8f85addafd&ei= 5094&partner=hom epage
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