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Here's what I hear all of the time about what happend with CCR. The Beatles had just broke up when Creedence was at the top of their game and someone drove into the band's head that they could slide into their place. As you should know the Beatles had an unatainable fan base largely based on their individualism. Lennon/McCartney did most of the writing and singing but every now and the George and Ringo would slip in hits of their own which for the most part were very good Beatles style tunes. Now as I said above, the Beatles had broken up and CCR was going to be IT. The best way (supposedly) to pull everybody out of the shadow of John Fogerty would be accomplished by Tom Fogerty, Stu Cook and Doug Clifford writing and performing their own songs just like George and Ringo. Now John being the mastermind song writer/sing/guitarist and PRODUCER of the band said no way. That done, shortly after the release of the PENDULUM album Tom Fogerty called it quits with the band and went on to pursue his own career. After that John, in hopes of saving the band, allowed Stu and Doug to be Creedence's George and Ringo on the MARDI GRAS album. The results were Stu's Take it Like a Friend, Sail Away, and Door to Door. Doug's tunes were Need Somebody to Hold, Tearin' up the Country and What are you Gonna Do. Now in MY opinion Stu's songs and lyrics were well written but I don't think he can sing for his supper. I actually like Doug's songs though. But all in all they just were not Creedence style songs and one critic even reviewed the album as "the worst album ever by a major recording group."
After Mardi Gras's reception the band called it quits.

Now as far as law suits go, John was sued by his old record company for plagerizing (i don't think i can even spell it) himself. It was said that John's song The Old Man Down the Road from the solo album Centerfield sounded as if he had coppied Creedence's Run Through the Jungle. John won the suit.

After that John was sueing Creedence Clearwater REVISITED, who happended to be Stu Cook and Doug Clifford and some other yahoo's playing CCR's songs. I think it had to do with John's music rights, I don't really know and I don't know who won.
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