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Originally Posted by hornet View Post

my name is gary peter i live in the state of victoria in
australia, i have been a creedence fan for over 40 years.
I saw john fogerty when he toured australia in 2005.
I have often tried to work out how many ccr songs
that john fogerty does not sing lead vocal on, not to
many but i can think of at least 11 including instrumentals
i am sure tom fogerty sings lead on suzi q, & the other
members sing there own songs on the mardi gras album.
I would like to know what other members think.

Thank you, by for now from hornet.
john fogerty is lead on susie q, with the others backing him, Tom Fogerty sings the second verse of the song, then its back to john, mardi gras is the album where the other 2 (stu and doug) had to toss their hats in the singing ring by force ala Fogerty's demands towards the very very end of the ccr career.
(This is tom fogerty singing all of susie q in 1982, unsourced random youtube video)
(This is tom fogerty singing proud mary in 1982)

Tom was always backing vocals from what ive seen, and in cosmos factory you hear them all at various points as backing vocals (heard it through the grape vine, you can hear all of them in the background) (except pre-ccr and the song Effigy where you can hear the fogerty bros mixed over each other)
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