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nerdistmonk 26.01.2010 03:25

The Creedence Audio Buying Guide
[SIZE=4][COLOR=Green][B]The Official Un-Official CCR Audio Buying Guide[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
Version 2.0/Apr 2013
This guide is to help you find the best quality CCR audio/video recordings on the best formats.
[B]Compact Disc (Audio):
The best in this format will be the 20th anniversary CDs released by Concord, the sound is true to the vinyl releases from the sixties but without all the hiss and noises.

Typical Street Value: $5-$15 US
[B]Super Audio CD

[/B]The best in this format is the Super Audio CDs issued by Acoustic Sounds

Typical Street Value: $25 US
[B]Vinyl Record (Audio):

[/B]The original Blue Label Fantasy releases from the late 60's are the best in this category.

Typical Street Value: $1-$4 US
[B]Cassette Tape (Audio) (Note: Tapes are time compressed and may be edited for time alotted)

[/B]There was NO original release on cassette tape, CCR didnt emerge on cassette tape until 1976 with Chronicle vol 1 and 1986 with Chronicle vol 2. You'll find them on ebay for cheap, good for an old car with a deck in it. Be warned the tapes will degrade with regular play

Also i would avoid the 8-track albums as alot of great songs never made it on to tape due to time restrictions.

Typical Street Value: $1 US
[B]Reel to Reel (Audio)

[/B]Yes in fact you can buy a copy of each recording of CCR on reel to reel (3 1/2 ips i believe), These will be nice quality, Made by Fantasy, typically found on ebay for high prices due to rarity.

Typical Street Value: $50-$75 US per album

nerdistmonk 02.11.2011 02:41

Guide Updated for 2011
Ran a general De-fud on the whole thing

Stay away from 6 cd boxset...its stinks (Proud mary is in mono! ewww)

xcanox 03.11.2011 19:49

Proud Mary in mono? That's lame. You can find the stereo MP3 from any completely legitimate download site, and on YouTube(trololo).

(Edited by Moderator: Reason: I think you know why)

Seej 22.12.2011 01:20

[QUOTE=nerdistmonk;4262]Guide Updated for 2011

Stay away from 6 cd boxset...its stinks (Proud mary is in mono! ewww)[/QUOTE]

Effigy is the worst part of the 6cd box set. Horrible cymbal sound. The 08 remasters are so much better if you dont have the LPs.

nerdistmonk 09.04.2013 00:45

Updated one last time for 2013

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