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Anonymous 02.07.2004 11:45

I've heard that a lot of CCR songs are anti war. Are there any CCR gurus that can confirm this and let me know which songs and how they are anti war.

Freebeard 04.07.2004 06:03

Fortunate son is apparently an anti-war song. It is such a mad song. Listen to the lyrics closely or look them up and study them and u can figure out what they r on about with its anti-war status!!!

Anonymous 07.07.2004 22:47

CCR is no different than the majority of rock bands during the Vietnam era. Fortunate Son is undeniably anti-war. But anti-war is just a small part of the anti-'status-quo' message of CCR and the woodstock era bands.

Paul Chown

Hank_gvn 20.07.2004 19:20

Yea, Fortunate Son is an anti-war song.
I just don't know much about "Long As I Can See the Light" and "Someday Never Comes". Are they anti-war songs too?

Anonymous 19.08.2004 20:37

'Run through the jungle's real anti-war. Not only does is concern the fears of the Marines but also the suffering of the vietnamese people.

"2 hundred million guns are loaded satan christ they came"

"Let the people know my wisdom fill the land with smoke"

Anonymous 21.11.2004 05:05

Who`ll Stop The Rain has been interpreted as an anti -war - song.
But others interpret it as an anti - drog - song.
Maybe it`s both.

Anonymous 07.12.2004 06:26

obviously "fortunate son" by CCR is anti- war. The song is about the draft situation during the vietnam war. One could 'dodge the draft' through political connections(such as being a senator's son), or by paying a sum of money. The lyrics 'it ain't me it ain't me, i ain't no senator's son. it ain't me, it ain't me, i ain't no fortunate one no.' refers to that correlation. this is just an example of part of the reason's it's anti-war. you can find the rest......there's many more.

Anonymous 16.12.2004 04:22

Anti-War: Fortunate Son, Run through the jungle, Who'll stop the rain (against politics in general), Bad moon rising (perhaps), Effigy (maybe) and offcourse Deja vu (all over again) - the title cut of John Fogerty's new album.

Anonymous 17.03.2005 19:34

Listening this morning to "Have you ever seen the rain", made me ask myself, is the song talking about Vietnam, soldiers in the jungles, the climate there can allow sun and rain. I would like some of your insights.

Something 18.03.2005 04:01

I could see 'Have You Ever Seen The Rain?' as an anti-war song. I've always depicted it as a soldiers point of view in the jungle as well. The climate there seems to vary for sure. One minute it's raining, and the next the sun comes out. I've never been there, but I've read alot about the climate, and way of life over there.

Take Care,

Lodi 04.04.2005 08:35

Well, most of these songs were made in the 70's, if you look at almost all music made in the era, they are all in some how, a protest song and/or an anti war song. hope that helps in some way.

freebird 21.07.2008 00:26

fortunate son it's an anti war song.. effigy too
more song are anti-war but I remember this songs by now.

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