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FredSittard 23.02.2009 22:41

[quote=pat;797]I know that there are a few towns in The US with the name LODI - but what does he mean when he sings "stuck in a Lodi again" ? is it a snipe at the small town that he is currently in and calling it Lodi?[/quote]

Here is wath John mean whith Lodi


smoovedogg 03.12.2010 10:36

LODI - From the Biblical Town LODIBAR???
I was in church and heard about a town called[B] LODIbar[/B]. Itwas a dismal place of no pasture, no hope - total desolation in the Bible. I used to think that Lodi might be from the ancient town of utter despair calld Lodibar...:(

itcameoutofthesky 21.01.2011 14:10

[quote=Anonymous;799]On one of the live CD's of the CCR box JF mentions that the song is "a sad, sad song about a bad, bad photographer" [/quote]

Well, around the time when this was recorded live on tour in Europe the well known photographer "Jim Marshall " was following them on tour and I heard later on that CCR wasn't too happy with him, maybe that's what John was talking about over here ?

oldjohn366 31.08.2012 10:01

Mary Lou, you are a God. Thank you for putting these people out of their misery. Stuck in Lodi again is my wife's theme song after having 4 children at tha Mason Hospital in Lodi, California. We lived 20 miles away in Walnut Grove.

TexTech 18.07.2018 17:47

It's sad to read all these and see the answers. The question was "What does the word "Lodi" mean?" It basically means the same as it sounds. Low Die.
Well as you will see Lodi is a town in Italy where Napoleon was defeated by the Austrians. It was a slow and painful defeat. He could not advance nor retreat.
Therefor the term was associated with a situation or cycle that holds a person in peril.
On the river a lodi is an undercurrent after a waterfall that will take you under and hold you there or in a kayak it will just hold you in one place while the water rushes by.
On the ocean, in a sailboat it is when the wind dies and your left drifting.
In the old west many travelers found themselves in a situation that can still happen today. You can make enough to survive but not enough to leave. Explaining the reason many towns were named Lodi. That is how the town got started.
I was lucky enough to be exposed to alot of very old people as a child who used the term and took the time to explain it to me. Unfortunately our educational system has failed us again.

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