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Anonymous 14.04.2004 01:16

have heard it related to nuclear holocaust...any ideas on what he is referring to in terms of "effigy"?..usually means some type of representaion of a person(sculpture,picture,straw dummy,etc)

radlow 07.09.2004 07:22

In the late 60's there were lot to do about cultural Afro-American black awerness of many streets revolution and within hood businesses & homes burning and it's communities spreading and etc. The song is about "Peace" and mostly "Love"

xcanox 20.09.2011 21:14

I know this thread is old as tots, but I decided to just look for a thread on the matter instead of making one...

Anyway, I heard that Effigy is about extraterrestrials and gray alien controversies. No?

Seej 31.12.2011 01:57

It's about the USA's anti-Vietnam citizens burning the White House lawn. Tons of political imagery in the lyrics.

Tony Trout 05.04.2012 18:25

[B][I]I had also wondered about the song's meaning! Thank you![/I][/B]

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