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Arisin Wind 13.03.2011 00:41

March 13, 1971 - American Top 40
From American Top 40 with Casey Kasem - March 13, 1971 - 40 years ago.

"Now a hit by the American group that recently was named the top group in the world in a British popularity poll. Her Majesty's music lovers picked the San Francisco based quartet that recently became a trio when one member, the leader's brother, resigned. But Tom is on this record along with his brother John Fogerty, and Doug Clifford, and Stewart Cook. They're at number eight this week with a double sided hit. Here's one side, Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

"It moved from number 11 last week to eight this week, Have You Ever Seen the Rain. This is Casey Kasem on American Top 40. Here's the flip side of a double sided hit by Creedence. It's called Hey Tonight."

Hey Tonight

"Hey Tonight. John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival."

Casey Kasem. American Top 40 13 March 1971

What a great show. Two Creedence hits played back to back.

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