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nerdistmonk 18.07.2011 05:01

John Fogerty would consider a CCR reunion

I guess pigs can fly

dutchccr 18.07.2011 15:09

Yeah, this came as a big surprise to me. I don't think anyone saw this one coming, but I'm glad John isn't as angry as he used to be.
Who knows what the future will bring...

aussie josh 12.09.2011 17:30

wow that would be great

xcanox 20.09.2011 20:38

I'm not the biggest fan of John, but if this happened, I'd jump with joy.

nerdistmonk 27.09.2011 08:04

[quote=xcanox;4232]I'm not the biggest fan of John, but if this happened, I'd jump with joy.[/quote]

They need to get back together, not just as a band, but as friends, before its too late, they already lost Tom and from what I understand he was lost with them not being on very good terms.

History is just that, history, but they still got the chance to change "future history" as Doc Brown so eloquently put it. God saw fit to let these 3 guys still be alive and well (and still healthy enough to be upright and playing for capacity crowds) for the last 40 years, they should take advantage of this before its too late.


Anyways just nerdy's 2 cents (though slightly weakened by the falling us dollar, so its more like 0.00000002 cents or 2

Voyeur 28.09.2011 20:21

I'd love for this to happen...for the reasons listed above, but also for their legacy. We all know how influential and timeless Creedence is, but I worry a little that they've been overshadowed by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and others over the years.

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