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Arisin Wind 09.06.2013 22:22

Creedence Clearwater Revisited - Valdosta Georgia
Got back last night from Valdosta Georgia where the wife and I enjoyed a great Creedence concert. Tropical storm Andrea came through the area 2-3 days before and dumped a lot rain so the air was about as hot and humid as it could be. The most valued item on the stage for the band - the fans (the ones with rotating blades) trying to keep them cool. Sweat was rolling off the band members by the middle of Born on the Bayou. How they played - and they play very enthusiastically - for almost 2 hours in that heat and humidity is beyond me.

They played the standard set - Chronicle. The crowd was very enthusiastic and on their feet during the opening song. About 3/4 of the way through the concert the audience pushed forward and was crowding the stage.

My highlight from the show was the sound check. Got to hear Feeling Blue - and it rocked.

After doing this for 19 years Stu, Doug and the band still play like it's their first time out. Their love for the music and the fans is very evident. And the fans love those Creedence songs.

My thanks to Stu, Doug and the band for some great music on a hot Georgia night.


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