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Anonymous 23.03.2005 02:24

Hi, recently I was flipping the channels around, and I saw on PBS a classic rock thingy, and I saw a creedence clearwater revival performance of a couple of songs, and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could go to download for FREE live performances of a single song, or more? I love listening to them on CD's, but I wanna actually see the performance, so it'd help a lot if you guy's helped me out with this, thanks.

Anonymous 25.03.2005 13:52

I would try a file sharing program or a bootleg archive to find a live performance.... You and I are in the same boat buddy ;)

Alex_ander 14.04.2005 19:32

I can recommend you a bittorrent site (if you know how to perform torrent downloads) where I managed to get rare live CCR videos (parts of Woodstock, RAH etc.).
It's [url=][/url] (formerly easytree), you'll need to register - maybe it'll take you several attempts to do this.

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