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thetboneman 11.01.2013 05:11

I actually liked Stu's Sail Away better than Door to Door. Take it Like A Friend was disastrous for him, though

Afryeguy 18.01.2013 09:45

Album Meanings
Honestly, I could not give a legitimate response to this. Each album stands for its own message, its own meaning, and because of that, the music quality and impacts will change. Pendulum and Mardi Gras I feel were aimed at political messages and striking back against critics. And with Mardi Gras, the focus was to mend and write about the difficulties of losing band member Tom - a vital piece to the puzzle, even if the band didn't want to recognize it all.

Sorry if I am spitting out information everybody knows, I just read up on CCR's discography. Happy trails!

Tony Trout 18.01.2013 16:43

[FONT="Tahoma"][B][I]Since I've not really listened all the way through the entire CCR box set, I'd have to say that, when I first heard it, I thought that "Effigy" was the worst song but, I like it a lot now.[/I][/B] [/FONT]

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