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bjelotsjka 08.01.2005 23:40

Tom was not the only one dead, was he?
I thought either Stu or Doug had died as well

rooster2 09.05.2005 18:17

Stu and Doug are still goin' around in their band called, 'Creedence Clearwater Revisited' I believe. It would be great if the guys could sort out their differences and tour and/or even cut an album. I'm sure there'd be a competent rhythm player who'd love to make them a quartet again. The boys are getting on a bit though (Doug and Stu have just turned 60 and John is about to). Then again, if the sound is great - who gives a hoot!!

Anonymous 08.07.2005 18:59

That's a big "if." I think all bands get to a point to where they're singing days are over. Then again, the Rolling Stones are still rockin' 43 years later.

KennetRP 29.05.2012 20:51

[quote=Anonymous;132].... and .... because they are not such good friends anymore .... haven't you heard about the lawsuit years ago?[/quote]

There is still hope; I read interview with John where he got a question about reunion. He said after meeting Jolie and that, he didn't want to mess with the past anymore and is now more open to do a reunion, though, Stu and Doug doesn't seem just as interested...

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