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Voyeur 15.02.2010 06:33

Dale Hawkins has passed.
Known for originally singing Suzie Q in 1957 (made famous by Creedence, obviously), Dale Hawkins has died of cancer complication in Little Rock, Arkansas.


joyride 29.07.2010 14:46

[B]Got this one late....sorry to hear that...RIP :(:([/B]

ChuckEMong 19.11.2011 08:10

Better Late Than Never...
Just browsing the forums after not checking in for a while and saw this post. There's some interesting videos old and new on YouTube of him and after finding this one:


thought you all might also enjoy Screamin Jay Hawkins (I don't think they were related :D ) the author of I Put A Spell On You :


aussie josh 04.02.2012 18:28

dam john knows how to pic a good song to cover and he allways does a great job...

he has really made some songs that arn't his well his own

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