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John Cardoso 01.07.2004 09:01

Does anybody knows when John got married for the first time,
and what?s the name of his first wife?

Prisoner of the Porch 13.07.2004 03:45

His first wife's name was Martha. Don't know when they got married & divorced though. They had at least 3 children together.

Anonymous 13.07.2004 05:00

Thank you, Prisoner! Don?t you know the children?s name?

dutchccr 29.05.2008 19:09

I think his first son is named Josh

ppecoraro 08.07.2022 02:03

Martha info
John married Martha in 1965. They had three children together: Josh, Laurie, and Sean. I'm having a hard time pinning this down, but from the information that I can find, it looks like Martha died in 2020 or 2021. Does anyone know for sure? It seems like John has a much stronger relationship with the children he has with Julie.

irishaus 23.08.2022 23:48

That's very sad, to know that John's first wife, Martha, has passed away.

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