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Music Girl 06.09.2005 18:47

Today 15 years ago Thomas Richard Fogerty passed away in his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tom, may you rest in peace forever. I hope you have a nice day and ROCK ON!!!

mary_lou 09.09.2005 16:00

People may die, but memory can't. If they were good, those people... And dear Tom is one of them.

Fish 13.09.2005 22:53

Tom had potential ..some of his solo efforts were quite good ! Part of the reason for Tom's Failures was just bad timing. Much of his solo work was done when disco was coming around and we all know how that ruined rock and roll for a while. I think also that is why John Fogerty's self titled LP released in 1975 did so poorly at the time. It is really quite Sad how the relationship between Tom, John. Doug & Stu had deteriorated for at one time they were close friends. Money and Ego's do strange things to people!

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