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becca_d 09.02.2006 23:35

I agree with you, I don't like these lists either. It's completely impossible to say that one guitarist is better than another, when each one of them has their own style. I enjoy Jimi Hendrix' and Jimmy Page's guitarplaying just as much as I enjoy Fogerty's, and I could not choose one of them as my favorite guitarist.

Mary Lou 18.02.2006 15:41

Yesterday I watched 'Lightning in a Bottle' DVD. It was great to see John among black musicians. It means they really like the way a white man plays blues:-) He performed 'Midnight Special' there. I found out that this song was originally performed by Lead Belly.

31.10.2006 14:46

[B]Good Golly Miss Molly! !:)[/B]

Javier Prez 22.03.2007 20:33

As long as i can see the light
And what about the saxo play in this song. I thing it comes straight from the soul! I have a shivering each time i listen !

Be good!

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