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Anonymous 28.09.2005 13:57

Hello, All!

Why don't we summurize here which songs have been originally written by CCR, and which they sing not written by themself?

joel 16.12.2005 16:00

Suzie Q, Cotton fields, I heard it through the grapewine and midnight special are the one i can think of now that john didn't write. are there more?

Anonymous 03.01.2006 07:29

Good Golly Miss Molly

becca_d 03.01.2006 17:29

Why don't you go to the All-in-one page on this site, there you will find all of the songs Creedence ever did, and you will find the lyrics for all the songs, and who wrote them. John wrote a good deal of the songs they did, but not all. I think the best Creedence-song that John didn't write is Suzie Q. Wow. What a GREAT song! I think it contains some of the best guitarsolos John ever did. And this was only their debut.... John Fogerty is one of the best guitarplayers in rock'n'roll, but to me it feels like he is often overlooked. Am I right? I know he was number 40 on the list of the 100 best guitarplayers in rock'n'roll (Jimi Hendrix was number 1, of course), but I think he belongs among the top 10. Does anyone agree?

joel 11.01.2006 18:08

of course he belongs in the top 10, are there any doubts??

Anonymous 12.01.2006 08:23

There are alot of amazing guitarists out there, what made John great to me was he had his own "trade mark" sound. Not too many guitar players ever achieved that, Hendrix, Santana, Albert King, BB King, SRV, Toni Iomi, etc. He was no slouch, BT

Anonymous 12.01.2006 08:28

Oh ya (Joel), also Mark Knofler (Dire Straits), another trade mark sound. BT

joel 25.01.2006 13:52

dire straits were at their peak in the beginning. Down to the waterline, Sultans of swing etc.

becca_d 25.01.2006 21:13

BT; I agree with you, John Fogerty was one of the few that had his own style when it came to playing guitar. When you hear him play guitar, you instantly recognize him. "Oh, that's Fogerty!". Right? Same thing with Jimi Hendrix, BB King and probably the other guitarists you mentioned (my knowlegde to music is not that comprehensive yet...). I think that is what defines a good guitar player.

Mary Lou 08.02.2006 18:42

Some facts from my investigation;)

1. Suzie Q (Hawkins/Lewis/Broadwater)
I wonder who is Lewis, maybe Bobby Lewis?
2. Ninety Nine and a Half (Pickett/Crapper/Floyd)
3. I Put a Spell on You (Jay Hawkins)
I keep on tryin' to find some Jay Hawkins records (everybody says he's great!), but haven't succeeded in it yet:(
I was told a lady (I don't know her name) sang the original version...
4. The Night Time is the Right Time (L.Herman)
5. Good Golly Miss Molly (R.Blackwell/J.Maroscalso)
6. Cotton Fields (Huddie Ledbetter)
Johnniebgoode told me it is a very popular tune, and there are different versions of the song.
But the one I heard once was awful! I think John made one of the best:)
7. Heard It Through the Grapewine (N.Whitfield/B.Strong)
Marvin Gay does it not so good...
8. My Baby Left Me (A.Crudup)
Again - I personally like CCR cover most of all!
9. Ooby Dooby (W.Moore/P.Penner)
I'm surprised that this song is not CCR, in fact..
But it won't be any the worse for it!:)
10. Hello Mary Lou (Gene Petney)
This pretty song was performed by Bobby Lewis, Ricky Nelson, Led Zeppelin, CCR...
I wonder if Gene Petney himself ever recorded this song!
11. Midnight Special (traditional/arrangement by J.C.Fogerty:)

These are not-CCR songs from the studio LPs.
Does anybody knows some details about John's collaboration with Carl Perkins?
Did they record some other songs besides "All Mama's Children"?
I think Carl Perkins is one of the greatest figures on country & rock'n'roll scene!

...To tell the truth, folks, I'm not really in favour of such lists - how can you compare John's unique swamp sound with bluesy 'heavy string' playing of Stevie? Or Jimmy Hendrix's science with Tony Iomy's diversity? To my mind it's simply impossible! One more thing: a guitarist can have an outstanding technique, but play idly, without putting his heart and soul into music. Perhaps there aren't even two people who agree with one concrete list..

..Some think that John was influenced by Dire Straits when he was working at "Deja Vu (All Over Again)". Rolling Stone in particular wrote: "Nobody's Here Anymore" borrows so directly from Dire Straits' "Sultans of Swing" that Mark Knopfler's (characteristically deft and tasteful) presence on guitar seems almost redundant". I can hardly say so.

BTW John Fogerty won Orvill H. Gibson Award in 1998 (he beat Johnny Lang & Joe Satriani) after "Blue Moon Swamp" had won Grammy. But I do think he's overlooked though he's the best for me & hope for the most of you!:)

becca_d 09.02.2006 23:35

I agree with you, I don't like these lists either. It's completely impossible to say that one guitarist is better than another, when each one of them has their own style. I enjoy Jimi Hendrix' and Jimmy Page's guitarplaying just as much as I enjoy Fogerty's, and I could not choose one of them as my favorite guitarist.

Mary Lou 18.02.2006 15:41

Yesterday I watched 'Lightning in a Bottle' DVD. It was great to see John among black musicians. It means they really like the way a white man plays blues:-) He performed 'Midnight Special' there. I found out that this song was originally performed by Lead Belly.

31.10.2006 14:46

[B]Good Golly Miss Molly! !:)[/B]

Javier Prez 22.03.2007 20:33

As long as i can see the light
And what about the saxo play in this song. I thing it comes straight from the soul! I have a shivering each time i listen !

Be good!

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