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17.12.2005 07:58

On the cover of 1970's album Cosmos factory, Bassist Stu Cook is pictured front and center sitting down. At
his feet, there is a sighn that reads somthing like: LEAN, CLEAN, AND BLUESY. John fogerty is sitting on his motorcycle in the left side of the picture. on a post in front of him a Sighn reads: 3RD GENERATION. stu cook
is on his bike in the right side of the picture, and a sighn behind him reads: CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL
BEWARE OF DO. is there anyone out ther who knows what these things mean? i would be grateful for any imput.

becca_d 18.12.2005 00:17

Well, lean, clean and bluesy, it is how Creedence described their own music, I guess. 3rd generation, I'm not sure what that means, maybe the young generation of the '60s? The last sign reads Creedence Clearwater Revival, beware of dog, It's just for fun, I'm quite sure!

Anonymous 20.12.2005 05:10

``3RD generation`` was a denomination gave to CCR by Ralph J Gleason in a chronicle in Rolling stone magazine. ?? CCR is an excellent example of the third generation of San Francisco bands ... ``
a brazilian fan

joel 20.12.2005 15:49

doesn't it say "beware of doom"

becca_d 21.12.2005 00:46

"Beware of doom"? Well, you can only see the "do" of the last word because the rest of the sign is covered with a curtain (at least I think so, can't remember), so you can never be sure! I just asumed it said "beware of dog". Why on earth should it say "beware of doom"?

Anonymous 21.12.2005 10:04

Hi, i saw a Far Side joke that had a sign in a yard that said "beware of doug".
(he was hiding behind a tree ) It's gotta be dog. BT

joel 09.01.2006 13:06

i've seen a beware of doom sign once. I think my neighbour have one

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