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Javier Pérez 21.11.2008 02:39

It came out of the sky
Can you help me to find what is really the meaning of this song?
Well, i'm interested about the U.F.O. and listening to this song i believe this is the story about an U.F.O. crash close to Jody's tractor!
Could it be possible? Do you realize that this song could be the very first one refered to the Unidentified?
Politicians and even the Pope are named, " Put the thing in the blue room" "it belongs to Rome" "the Lord has come"
Creedence and the extraterrestrians! Who gives more?,:ok:

Please let me know your ideas about. Thanks!

hitbit 21.01.2009 22:41

It came out of the sky
John wrote and sang a lot of anti greed songs.
Here I imagine he tells the tale of a simple farmer Jodi who has a "spaceship" land near him. His initial reaction is fear and he runs to town to tell the story. Straight away all the greedy f...... jump on the bandwagon claiming it or its appearance to further their own causes and or make money. In the end even simple hard working Jodi gets caught up in the greed offering to let them have it for 70 million.


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