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streamlined baby 17.05.2009 17:38

the ultimate green river/bayou live versions
hello people! ok i have a question for all of you that has been bugging me for erm years actually. i have been trying to find a particular version of green river- probably my favourite song by the good ole CCR boys but, it seems freakin' impossible!!

now, where i first found it was when i borrowed a cassette tape from a pal- yea as i said, its been a while- anyway, on that tape was a version of green river that i havent found, no matter where i look! its a live version, and starts with the crowd cheering (im just telling you everything about it you know) and then kicks off into this amazing 'HEAVY' version, by that i mean its a much heavier and meaner sounding riff with a much heavier solo too than any others ive heard. Unfortunately it doesnt say the song length on this tape but il tell you about it- its called 'The Very Best of Creedence Clearwater Revivals' and the picture on the front is the four of them, looking very planet of the apes-like and peering at you in a not especially warm way.The cover is red with yellow and white writing-i have it here nect to me and i could record it onto CD but no,im a true fan and i WANT the proper one! the track listing may help you:

1. Travelling band 2.Proud Mary 3.Have you ever seen the rain 4. Hey tonight 5.Down on the corner 6. long as i can see the light 7. born on the bayou 8. Run through the jungle

1. up around the bend 2. who'll stop the rain 3. Bad moon rising 4. midnight special 5. GREEN RIVER 6. looking out my back door 7. molina 8. sweet hitch hiker

Thats it and if youve read this far i thank you immensely for that. see the thing about this little album, is that a fair few others on there are live too and not just that but my asolute favourite versions ever, Born on The Bayou, is another version i still, despite combing the internet, havent found! it starts with feedback and goes into a wicked version. Also travelling band and sweet hitch hiker (i have these versions now bet they are live on there too if tat helps?)

HELP ME FIND these amazing and rare versions please amigos! Thank you all in advance and any answers please to:me dazzadarko at: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

Good luck may the force be with you

Arisin Wind 12.06.2009 23:24

That has to be from when they toured as a trio. Maybe from the Japan tour.

dutchccr 17.06.2009 13:01

Could you post a sample of it somewhere? That would make it a lot easier...

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