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Green_Kirby 20.05.2005 02:58

Ever since I checked up on John for the first time on iTunes and heard some of his new variations of some songs he wrote with CCR but sung with the other bands, I've been trying me best to find his solo CDs. It's not as good as when he played with the guys, but I love the concert-style singing; it's different since CCR ain't backing him up. So, today on my around abouts, I looked for CCR CD's and John Fogerty. At Wal-Mart, they had only 2 CCR CDs, one where it was a two disk of the songs I already have; the other was just their songs, but NOT SUNG by them!! I searched and searched for Fogerty, John and couldn't find his name anywhere.
I checked two more places, found some I hadn't ever heard before but no CCR or John.
Now, is this because of:
1. They're just old. (I dun't think so; John should be fairly new with his recent CD)
2. CCR/J.C. Fogerty is so popular they can't keep'm in stock.
3. The exact opposite of No. 2, they won't sell. Why, I don't know. :D

I want the CD "Premonition", because it's got some of the songs I'd like to hear. I can't buy online so I'm looking around. I know ONE place that'll probably have it, but we won't be going there untill next month.
I listen to my/Dad's Creedence CD every night. It's Chronicle, Vol. 1. I keep asking people, "Have you ever seen the rain?" and "Don't you know of the essence that could only be Creedence?" and they say "Uh, what?" and "Huh?"
I have my reasons though. :|

Seej 27.05.2005 06:25

first, dont go to walmart. try tower records instead. and theres always torrent sites for broke people like me.

Green_Kirby 27.05.2005 06:43

Tower Records? Never heard of'm, laddie. There's this place called "Music Box", but we only go in it's direction once a month.... Our next outing to pay some bills is June 5th, and it's right beside there, so I'll pop-in and check it out.
And I have a very slow connection, so I dislike torrents.

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