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joel 16.01.2006 12:10

what songs did they play at woodstock?

joel 25.01.2006 13:58

I've heard that they played Green river but that's just one, does anyone else know anything about this?

becca_d 25.01.2006 21:03

Sorry, Joel, I don't know either! I think this performance was before they released Willy and the Poorboys, that narrows it down a little... I'm sorry I couldn't be to more help.

joel 26.01.2006 13:35

no worries. Your'e the onlyone who has tryed to answer my question and that I'm thankful for.

becca_d 26.01.2006 23:53

Creedence played at Woodstock in the summer of '69, right? I have a quite interesting story on their performance there. Maybe you know it, but I'll tell it in case you don't. They got on stage quite late in the evening, and started playing. No response. The hippies were all stoned and asleep. So after a few songs into the set John stopped, and shouted out to the audience:"I don't know about you, but I'm up here having a great time!". Still no response. John has said about what happened next, "this moment I will never forget as long as I live". About a mile out in the audience, somebody was flicking a lighter, and a guy shouted: "don't worry about it, John, we're with you!" John has said; "We played the rest of the show for that guy". Does'nt seem like Woodstock was their best moment, huh? Well, I hope you enjoyed this story, and that you find out what songs they played!

Mary Lou 08.02.2006 18:41

Becca_d, the story is very exciting! I couldn't help laughing:) I had no information about their performance in Woodstock. The only one thing I knew is that they PLAYED there and that they forbad to release this performance for they considered it to be not very good. I've watched "Woodstock" on DVD - EVERYBODY there played "not very good"!!! I missed Creedence very much while watching...
I enjoyed Arlo Guthrie & Ten Years After performance, and to my surprise - The Who & Joe Cocker were great too (in fact, I don't like them very much..). But Canned Heat and Crosby Stills & Nash disappointed me:-(. I really liked Joan Baez, but guess her vocal is just too great for "snuffling & uncivilized country music";)

becca_d 09.02.2006 23:26

I am glad you enjoyed the story! I guess this was a contributing factor to Creedence not appearing on the "Woodstock" movie. What a shame they are not in it...

joel 13.02.2006 18:10

That story made me sad. ungrateful hippies!

becca_d 14.02.2006 17:20

It was very bad luck that they got on late at night. I'm sure the response would have been much better if they had played earlier that day. I guess the hippies had quite a party that day... Too bad for them! Ha, ha. There they were at Woodstock, and had a great oportunity to se a great band, but then if somebody asked them the next day how it was, all they could tell them was "I forgot, I was stoned". Moral: Don't use drugs, you miss great things!

cheeriokid 15.02.2006 07:00

My friend burned me a 4 disc woodstock set, and it has four CCR songs on it.. Commotion, Green River, Ninety-Nine and a Half, and I Put a Spell on You. Theres a little clapping and yelling at the beginning of the songs... It's good, but, sadly, its the only live CCR I've heard.

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