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woodsman61 06.01.2006 19:03

Dad called them Long Haird Hippies LOL .Mom said they were kinda cool,but to us they were simply a great part of our lives .They protested the unnessary war that killed many of our friends an ruined the lives of many more.CCR sang songs about life,love and having fun and about playing rock n roll music while traveling all over.When times got tough my friends and I would get together catch a buzz an crank up proud mary, Thats a feel good song .It didnt matter what the situation was CCR had the music for it .So on behalf of myself and all of my friends I would like to take this oppertunity to say thank you Creedence Clearwater Revival for the music an the memories.

Anonymous 06.03.2006 11:19

They used to warn us about flashbacks, and we laughed and lit up. But you know, even after all these years of "clean living", whenever I hear CCR I'm transported back to a utopia that existed only in my mind. They just made it seem so right. I figured if that's what "hippies" were, then hippies were all right. There is something so incredibly powerful about their music...

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