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ccrcanuck 07.06.2006 14:11

Distorted Bad Moon Rising
On what album (i know it's not a ccr album) can I find the version of Bad Moon Rising where it sound all distorted and such. It kind of sounds like Cross Tie Walker. Can someone help me?

Mary Lou 11.05.2007 16:08

I've heard a distorted version of "Bad Moon Rising" by Lagwagon :-)
As far as I know, CCR didn't play it distorted.

Fogy Fan 13.01.2008 01:52

It's possible you are listening to John Fogerty.

Arisin Wind 06.03.2008 00:43

Maybe the quad version?

freebird 21.07.2008 00:13

bad moon rising distorted?=O

would be a insane cover.

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