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Anonymous 30.07.2003 10:21

What is a 'Midnight Special'?

Anonymous 04.08.2003 09:08

the midnight spcial is train

Anonymous 06.04.2004 01:44

The Midnight Special was reference to a cop car, during prohibition, that ran up and down the ally ways shinning his spot light in the dark allys looking for illegal drinking and nip joints. The origional lyrics was "(Don't) let the Midnight Special shine its light on me" because thoes cought drinking back then were sent up to the "man" (jail) Origional lyrics were written by a ol' drunk, in jail in Newport News Va. email me at for further info.

Anonymous 06.11.2004 03:31

I Think, it was a special train for prisoners in the south of USA.
Wasn't it?

Anonymous 31.01.2005 15:56

I do believe that the Midnight special was a train. My understanding is that the song is about someone on death row who is trying to get a pardon from the governor. It must come in before midnight. The train runs & blows the whistle at midnight therefore they call it the "Midnight Special". Give it a listen & see what you think.

Anonymous 02.06.2005 22:56

It's a bus traveling at night.

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