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Anonymous 22.03.2005 23:40

lyrics for down on the corner.

Anonymous 23.03.2005 02:43

try going to yahoo, and type in, lyrics, then click on one of the sites, and then type in down on the corner, and you'll get the lyrics

Admin 23.03.2005 12:52

The easiest way is to browse the [url=]All -In-One page[/url] and go to [url=]the lyrics[/url]

Fogy Fan 09.01.2008 07:16

This song talks about a band playing on the corner of a street for the poor children. The lyrics say that there are four memers of the band playing: Rooster on the washboard (Doug), Blinky on the gut bass (Stu), Poorboy twanging his kalamazoo (Tom), and Willy on the kazoo (John).

veronica98 24.06.2010 06:37

I was always laughing every time I hear that song. Because as I understand on the lyrics, it is a song of a rooster or an animal. But, it was good!

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