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becca_d 08.10.2005 02:59

Hey! I just wondered, if someone could please try to explane this song to me? I've heard it's about conscription, but I have listened to this song over and over again, and I just can't figure it out. It's certainly about conscription, but is that really all it is about? Especially the lines "pharoahs spin the message, round and round the truth, they could have saved a million people, how can I tell you?", and "if you see the answer, now's the time to say, all I wan't, all I wan't is to get you down to pray" are rather unclear to me. Even if I can't quite figure out the lyrics, this is one of my favoritesongs with CCR!

Music Girl 08.10.2005 03:41

I found a little article where John talks about this song. I hope you enjoy it!

JF "Inspierd by my young wife at the time. It was early '69, and I was 23 years old. We had our first child, who, at the time, was two and a half. I was sitting in my room, writing the songs, pushing my career. Without the songs, the career ends. You might be a great band, but without the songs, you're not going anywhere. At one point, my wife and I had a mild misunderstanding, I wouldn't even call it a fight, She was miffed, taking our young son out, wishing I would be more invloved. But there I was, the musician manic and possessed the only guy holding things up. Without me, it all collapses, so I'm feeling quite put apon. As she walks out the door, I say to my self, "I wrote a song for everyone, and I couldn't even talk to you." I looked at my piece of paper and changed gears. How many great leaders can't even mamage their own families? So I went with that. "Pharaohs spin the message/Round and round and true/Richmonds about to blow up" referring to nearby Richmond, California. It was actually a true emotion that took on a larger meaning. It's still a special song in the sense that it keeps my feet on the ground. You sit and write these songs, yet you try to talk to your own son and daughter and mabey you're totally inadequat, trying to explain life to child. We used to record our album very quickly and I remember finishing five different songs in one afternoon. The fifth one didn't work, and that was "Wrote A Song For Everyone." I had to start over on that one." (Also to note John and his first wife split in 1989) Well, I hope this answers any questions you had about this song. If you need any more just ask and I will be happy to post them. I hope you have a nice day and ROCK ON!!!

becca_d 08.10.2005 21:29

Thank you, Music girl! This made things a bit clearer. I think I understand it now. I don't think John ever intended the song's meaning to be obvious (of course, if his songs were obvious, he wouldn't have been regarded as one of America's greatest songwriters). In a way, the songs have several meanings, you can sort of make what you want of it. It could be about not being able to communicate with your family, or about conscription, or about racial discrimination. Or about all of these things. In the line where he sings "Saw the people standin' thousand years in chains, Somebody said it's different now, look it's just the same", I think he is talking about the racial segregation that was still going on back then. After slavery was abolished, the slaves were supposed to be free and unchained, but the segregation went on, and kept them in chains. What do you think, Music girl?

Music Girl 09.10.2005 06:39

Well, I haent really heard the whole song so I cant really say. Though, I should soon be getting a CD with that song on it. When I hear the whole thing for the first time I will let you know. I have heard some of it and it sounds pretty darn good! Well, until then I hope you have a nice day and ROCK ON!!! ps You are welcome

becca_d 09.10.2005 18:56

Ok, that's allright. You're right, it is darn good! One of my absolute favorites.... I love that song so much.

becca_d 09.10.2005 20:42

Hey Music Girl, where in the world do you come from? I am a 16 year old girl from Norway, and I just discovered Creedence this summer. Have hardly listened to any other music since... The music is so great, I can't help myself from listening to it all the time! And why should I... Have a nice day!

Music Girl 10.10.2005 02:35

Well, I live in America in the Southwest. I am not going to give out any more info than that. When I'm online I keep security the first priority. Though, don't feel like I am mad at you. Another person on a different message board asked me the same question you did and I gave them the same answer that I am giving you. Just please don't feel like I am mad at you because I am really not. I discoverd Creedence last year and have been a HUGE fan since. Infact, I got the chance and I saw John this summer! He was so awesome!!! Infact, I am wearing the t-shirt I bought at the concert right now. Becca if you have any questions about Creedence and John Fogerty just ask and I will answer them the best way that I can. I hope you have a nice day and ROCK ON!!!

becca_d 10.10.2005 18:46

I understand and I don't feel like you're mad at me at all. It's very important to be careful when you're online, I agree! It must have been absolutely wonderful to see John Fogerty live! Thanks, I'll remember that if there's anything else I want to know about Creedence. Hope you have a nice day to!

Anonymous 11.12.2005 05:51

To me, "wrote a Song For everyone" Seems to be a Civil war ballad. "Got myself arested, wound me up in Jail,
richmond 'bout to blow up,communication failed" In 1863, Union troops destroyed the city of Richmond,Virgina.
The reason for this is that Richmond, VA was the capitol of the confederacy. By Knockin out the confederate capitol, they weakend the confederate Goverment. The man in the story was probably a southerner during the civil war. He did somthig bad and got jailed just before the Union blew up Richmond."Saw the pepole standin' thousand years in chain, Sombody said its different now, Look it's Just the same" Was most probably a refrence to slavery. In 1865, President Abraham Licolon signed the Emancipation Proclimation. the emancipation proclimation changed the meaning of the war. Not only were we fighting a war to save the union, we were now fighting a war to end slavery. The emancipation proclimation stated that if the Union
won the war, witch it did, Slavery would be outlawed in the US. "Met myself A'comin, County welfare line, I was feelin' strung out, hung out on the line" This refers to the Reconstruction period, After the civil war. The
Union healped the south to get back on its feet after its Defeat. Day after day, Hundreds of pepole would line
up outside county welfare office to recive food, drink and medical attention. Its a pretty deep song.

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