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BathroomOnTheRight 31.10.2008 04:24

Favorite Not-so-well-known Creedence song?
By that I mean, what's your favorite CCR song they never play on the radio, ones that only the die-hard fans know?

I got a lot of 'em, Porterville might be my fav, though. (even though it was a hit when it was first released.)

Ramble Tamble, also, is just unbelieveably good. Feelin' Blue is another one of my favs.

dutchccr 01.11.2008 13:33

Crazy Otto
Excellent question!
One of my favs is the new Bayou Country bonus track 'Crazy Otto', an awesome 8-and a half minute bluesy swamp-rock instrumental live at the Fillmore in 1969!
by the way, here in Holland 'Ramble Tamble' was broadcasted a few days ago on a famous classic rock radio station... sounds good eh?

Mary Lou 04.11.2008 20:33

"Crazy Otto"?!... I've never heard nor this instrumental neither about it!...
You've puzzled me... 8-)

baker2575 07.11.2008 00:42

Rarely heard favorites
"It's Just a Thought" is a beautiful song that I've NEVER heard on the radio. I also really like "Effigy," though I know that not everyone agrees with that choice. Mysterious, yet catchy.

xxioup 18.11.2008 22:21

For me it's "Pagan Baby", the solo is just wonderful and the tempo changes is very well done...:slap:
But I don't really know if it's a "not so well known creedence song"...:nea1:

Javier Pérez 19.11.2008 02:19

"Walking on the water" is one of my favourite "not so well known" songs , other is "Wrote a song for everyone"


joyride 19.11.2008 16:59

[quote=Javier Pérez;2929]"Walking on the water" is one of my favourite "not so well known" songs , other is "Wrote a song for everyone"


WOTW is mine too:yahoo:

Poor Boy 28.11.2008 05:02

I have always loved the guitar work on Effigy. Also, Ramble Tamble, got to love it. Other good choice too.

Fogy Fan 28.11.2008 11:55

"Ramble Tamble", "Wrote a Song for Everyone", and "Walk on the Water" would be my three favorites.

Voyeur 25.03.2010 08:56

Man! There are so many great songs from Creedence that are lesser known. I absolutely love Ramble Tamble, Keep on Chooglin', Bootleg, Cross Tie Walker, etc.

But lately, I can't get enough of Feelin' Blue! Such a great combo of Rock and soul.

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